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Ethical and Humane Responsibility

I have been a TSO at St. Louis Lambert International airport since 9/2002. Instead of freezing the salaries of employees who make less than $50,000 per year, which makes an already impossible financial burden even worse, you should think about requiring the banks to whom you gave $700+ billion of our tax money pay back at least a portion of it. You might also try not nearly doubling the White House staff's salaries. It was quite distressing to discover that the lowest paid White House aid earns almost $7,000 more than I do. Another possible solution would, ofcourse be to freeze, if not reduce, the salaries of Congress and the Senate. They are very much more able to handle such a hardship than those in my position. Why is it that when ever there are cuts, reductions and freezes, they always, without exception, fall upon the shoulders of those who can least afford it? How many billions of dollars are spent on the military in the Middle East every day?



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