Office of Director of National Intelligence

Enterprise Email

Currently, every armed service and organization within the government hosts their own email services to thier employees. I propose a single enterprise email account system for government employees and it should be web-based for accessibility anywhere in the world.


This would significantly reduce cost by eliminating individual email servers maintained in all services, agencies, and other organizations.


Intelink offers an enterprise solution currently called UGOV which is slated for decommision later this year. This did offer an enterprise solution for the community as a whole but is only cost effective if it is mandated and coordinated that all traditional organizational email servers be taken down.


Google's GMAIL enterprise solution is another web-based email system that could satisfy this idea.


Not only would this reduce cost by shutting down individually maintained servers around the community but it would increase the capability of networking as everyone would be on a single global service directory. Ultimately it's why I believe Intelink would be the preferred choice by revitalizing thier efforts since they already offer this global connectivity more than any individual organization or program services.



Idea No. 6414