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Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy

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One of the most significant issues when developing or acquiring new IT technologies is inconsistent and inadequate cybersecurity measure’s to meet Government IT requirements. In most cases, security is often overlooked, or not considered until much later in the process. By not addressing security early and often throughout the lifecycle, it can pose significant risk to Servicemembers, the DOD, National Security, cause significant cost overruns and security breaches. Idea is to use an open standard Enterprise Service Bus with comprehensive top down security that can be implemented to:

• Provide multilevel, multilayer security throughout the network

• Enable real time policing and enforcement of infrastructure

• Enable ease-of-use for users via single sign-on service within the ESB

• Enable security as transactions cross security boundaries and domains

• Enable secure message brokering and integration via protocol-independent method to allow bridging of messages from different legacy implementations within and across the enterprise inward, outward, inbound and outbound. It provides any-to-any message transformation and support for multiple protocols (e.g. HTTP(S), JMS, MQ, FTP, File I/O, SMTP and others)

• Enable XML Firewall with extensive message validation with element or attribute level data validation, schema check, and access control.

This capability can virtually eliminate risks from inadvertent events and intentional attacks at any point throughout the end-to-end infrastructure within the network. Advantages are the Gov't can achieve faster and cheaper integration of existing systems and web technologies, increased agility to change as requirements change, and a standards-based solution that scales from point-solutions to enterprise-wide deployment (distributed bus). Promoting open standard ESB solutions will lead to more effective and seamless interoperability of information, help to eliminate silo solutions and establish enterprise wide cybersecurity.

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