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Social Security Administration

Ensure No Nat’l Cemetery Burial For Persons Guilty Capital Crime

Require Federal and State agencies make use of the Social Security Administration “Federal Benefit/Prisoner Data Exchange System” to:

(1) provide SSA with prisoner information necessary to identify ineligible persons (e.g., Life and Death Sentences);

(2) determine eligibility for burial in the National Cemetery System or the Arlington National Cemetery;

(3) ensure timely notice is provided to appropriate Federal official BEFORE such official approves an application for the internment or memorialization into a National Cemetery of any person having committed a Federal or State capital crime;

(4) disclose the total persons found ineligible each fiscal year to a public website, such as

Refer to requirements of Public Law 105-116, amend title 38, United States Code, to prohibit interment or memorialization in certain cemeteries of persons committing Federal or State capital crimes.



Idea No. 14914