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Department of the Interior

Enhancing Security: Protecting Children in Indian Country

The PAC Program is an innovative online approach to physical security that enables DOI’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (OHSES) to effectively pre-assess the security of federal facilities while reducing burden to the government, staff and tribal community.


The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) oversees 6,953 facilities. Of these, 4,502 serve the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) including 187 schools with over 50,000 students. Due to the large number of facilities requiring physical security inspection, OHSES developed the Physical Security Inspection Program Pre-Assessment Checklist (PAC).


The PAC has resulted in significant cost savings to the Department and a dramatic decrease of time burden on staff. The PAC allows OHSES personnel to determine the security of a facility and identify those in greatest need of site visit support. This PAC system was developed millions below anticipated costs and exceeded Performance Management expectations by 94 percent.


The PAC significantly reduces the time burden on the government. Prior to the PAC, 3 OHSES Inspectors conducted 22 BIE school inspections over a 3 year period. However, after launching the PAC in February 2011, 1 OHSES Inspector obtained and analyzed all physical security assessment data from 187 BIE schools, which account for 4,502 facilities, in a 3 month period.


The PAC significantly reduces the cost burden on the government. Prior to the PAC, an inspection averaged $28,000. At this rate, the cost to inspect all 187 BIE schools total $5,236,000.00. However, by utilizing the PAC Program, OHSES managed to pre-assess 187 BIE schools (4,502 facilities) for $30,000. This results in new cost savings of $5,206,000.


This PAC Program has proven to be so successful with school facilities that it is being proposed for expansion to include all 6,953 BIA facilities, thus further reducing government burden and increasing the security of our facilities by saving money, time and even lives.



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