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Enforcement Towers

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It is completely possible to cut down our budget and increase the detection and apprehension of all illegal incursions into the United States. The current enforcement tactics along the mountainous areas of the border include agent presence, scope deployments, and sensor deployments. Our current use of personnel and infrastructure do not utilize available technology as efficiently and effectively as possible. Currently in San Diego, we have scopes attached directly onto the vehicle. This allows mobility for the scope operator to change locations due to climate and necessity; however there are always blind spots that the scopes cannot see. It would be more effective to permanently set up scopes in tactically beneficial locations that can constantly oversee each area of responsibility. In order to most effectively set a scope up in a mountain, it is best to have the scope sit as high as possible. This allows a view into all of the many draws and canyons which are currently blinded by ridges. A tall tower would allow us to not only see many areas that are blind from a lower altitude, but it will utilize the ability of the scope to see for miles, rather than to only see small areas due to ridges blocking the view of the scope, creating the need for more scopes than needed. A tall tower would also allow us to attach repeaters for radio communication. There are many areas with no available communication in the mountains. Not only does this create an officer safety issue, but it decreases the ability of enforcement due to lack of agent communication, as well as a decrease of possible areas of sensor placement. By creating large towers, we can mount scopes that can be utilized by agents at the station, cutting down on gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, time needed to travel to the area of the scope, scope malfunctions due driving on rough terrain, or malfunctions due to putting the scope together everyday.

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