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All over the us, there is weather, and not being put to use. The government owns millions of acres of land, and yet still pays for electricity. If they were to utilize their land with wind turbines, and solar panels, they could not only provide for the land they own, but possibly produce enough energy to sell back to the surrounding communities, and pay for other items the government needs without coming out of taxpayers dollars.


Along the same lines, if every gym in the DOD were able to harness the energy using generators connected to exercise bikes and treadmills, the gyms would be able to power themselves by harnessing energy from their members’ workouts. sounds feasable and relatively inexpensive.


Dollar for dollar, this is an idea that would provide for our childrens future, provide millions of jobs, and create less long term deficit. The last time a project like this was conceved, we came up with our road systems, and it provided highways, and freeways, millions of jobs, and a practical solution to a problem.

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