Legislative Branch

Energy Efficiency in Military Housing

Create legislation that allows military personnel who live in government-provided housing to perform energy efficient upgrades at their own expense.


This idea would save installations in water/electricity utilities, and would not require any new monies to be allocated in the budget.


Military families know how to save, and often adopt a conservationist lifestyle out of necessity to stretch the family dollar. Things like rain barrels in the backyard, composting, additional insulation, and even solar panels could be allowed in housing (if the tenant pays out of pocket for the upgrade).


In keeping with this idea, the government should extend the tax credits on solar panel installations so that military families would be eligible if "leasing" their house from the government.


I would LOVE to pay out of pocket to install solar panels on my military housing (and to leave it for the next tenant to enjoy). I know I may be in the minority, but I should be ALLOWED to do it, and the DoD budget would benefit.



Idea No. 16935