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Energy Audit Measures Could Save $5 billion

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Energy Audits are complete for a large number of federal facilities. These energy audits produced numerous recommendations that can produce savings at a rapid rate. Some of these measures will pay for themselves in less than a year and begin saving money after that point and far into the future.


All measures with a payback of less than five years should be implemented immediately. These energy savings measures will reduce the federal deficit. Reducing federal energy use will save money, save energy, and reduce the U.S. contribution to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. This effort will improve the environment and the status of the United States as we show that we care about our planet and that we have a sense of fiscal responsibility.


If just 100,000 buildings put into place measures that save $5,000 a year, the cost savings over 10 years will be $5,000,000,000. Five billion dollars is a big number - even for the federal government!!

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