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End of QTR/Year spending

There have been some similar posts, but I am specifically suggesting a stop to the military closeout spending.

At the end of every quarter there is a demand to spend every cent available whether we need supplies or not. The justification is that we'll get our funds cut next year if we don't use them this year. This is the kind of thinking that has us where we are.

My suggestion is to make the justification process for spending more stringent. There need to be stronger justification for buying all new flat screen televisions than just that they were nicer or that we had the funds. I have first hand seen a treadmill bought for a facility and then left in the box to collect dust for more than six months. I witnessed 10-12 perfectly good televisions in the fitness center replaced by flat screens for no apparent reason. Finally, I have seen numerous smart boards bought with this same spending and then placed in an unused room and never connected to a power supply. I have very recently heard that an individual got an email asking why there was still six figures left to be spent of the section funds. Ummm, because we don't NEED anything.

The major issue is that if one section returns unused funds, then another section will grab them up and spend them. So, the stop needs to come from the top with more oversight.



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