Department of Defense

End of Fiscal Year Spending

Often agencies spend money at the end of the FY so their budget won't be cut by the amount they save. Instead, as a method to cut spending, allow the agency's budget to remain at the same burn rate as previous months, but allow them to not spend as much during the last month of the fiscal year. This will, in particular, save millions in wasted flying time hours when units fly unnecessarily in order to use all their allotted flying time, but have already completed all their required annual training. Flying hours still need to be allotted, in case the weather is bad, otherwise units run out of training time before requirements are met. However, if the weather ends up being good, less flying time is used. If units then don't fly the time completely out, they are typically punished with lower flying time quotas the following year. The budget should be allocated to ensure mission accomplishment, but still allow the U.S. to reap the benefits of good weather for training. Likewise, all other requirements should be budgeted according to need, but allow for innovation and economy, rather than punishing those who save with fewer resources in follow-on years. The only way I can see to allow for innovation and savings yet still create budget savings is to build in an and of FY "holiday" where units can decrease spending for one month at the end of the FY without budget penalty.

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