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End military Aid and conditional loan guarantees to Israel

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Israel is one of the wealthiest nations in the world with one of the lowest population densities and yet it receives half of the foreign military financing allocated annually by the US for every country in the world. This is approximately 3 billion dollars. On top of that, America provides conditional loan guarantees valued at another 3 billion per year. Given our current economic situation, it is time we use that money at home. A larger percentage of our own American people live at a lower standard than the average Israeli. If we guarantee a loan to Israel and they default, how do we as a country expect to handle that extra debt given our own economy? Finally, it appears that at least under Israel's current leadership that they are unwilling to compromise with their neighbors. As the divisions grow between neighboring countries in the Middle East as a result of Israel's hardline, far right approach can America afford another War fought on behalf of Israel? Can America afford to be enemies with the entire Middle East in order to maintain support with a country the size of Rhode Island? I think not. Can Senators and Congressman who vote based first on their religion and loyalty to a foreign government be held accountable for this behavior as they vote with the interests of the American people who elected them last? What exactly is the oath they take in order to represent American people? Are they fullfilling it?What is the definition of treason and traitor? We need the money at home and they in Israel do not. Send a signal that peace must be agreed upon before any more dollars arrive, and in the meantime lets use that money to rebuild our economy and provide service for the American people.

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