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End Wasteful “Summer Hire & Summer Intern” Programs

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Every year at numerous bases throughout the CONUS, I see these “Summer Hire” and “Summer Intern” programs. Most of the kids who are “hired” for these programs are the dependents of civil service employees. In most cases, the amount of work that is obtained from these young people is negligible due to in-processing, badging, training, and other preliminary requirements. In other words, these are rife for nepotism and nothing but white-collar welfare programs for current government workers. MILLIONS of dollars could be saved yearly if these programs were completely eliminated. The programs are “sold” as recruiting tools – but the country would be better served by recruiting the schools and universities for the smarter students instead of simply allowing the few in-grown government workers who have the “in” and know how to work the system to get their kids into “the system”.

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