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End Prohibition on Drugs

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We have naval ships cutting holes in the Caribbean ocean rights now looking for drug smugglers! I cannot even begin to fathom the cost it takes just to get one of these ships off the pier, cost of the vessel, fuel, paying the crew, training the crew, maintaining the ship, not to mention the risk involved with operating said ship. Our Navy should wage war, not chase drug smugglers. I use this as an example, there are dozens of Federal agencies wasting precious resources enforcing un-enforceable laws. The War on Drugs has been a complete failure. Just like the prohibition on alcohol, the prohibition on drugs created a thriving black market for drugs. Want to stop street level gang violence? Put the gangs out of business, make business owners out of drug manufactures. Let police fight real crime in our inner cities. Use extra tax revenue from sale of drugs to help educate and create a federally funded anti-drug campaign based on education and prevention with at risk communities and schools. The war is not working. MANY PEOPLE USE DRUGS IT CANNOT BE STOPPED. Reduce the budget of Navy, Coast Guard, prison systems, end the DEA. All level of government will save money, our communities will be safer. We need political leaders who have guts enough to explain to the public how our current laws have failed and ending the prohibition doesn’t mean that there Grandmas will start getting high. Ask yourself, if heroine were to be legalized tomorrow, would you go out and try it? The answer for most non users in the world would be “Of course not”. The fact is that if an individual today really wants to do drugs, they will, current laws do not stop people from using. So why have the laws and try to fight an unwinnable war? (Also the same is true about prostitution)

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