Department of Defense

End Double-Dipping Career Workers (AGAIN)

For a number of years, retired military officers could only go to work for Civil Service if they took a cut in their “retirement pay” (which is a misnomer). The original concept for enacting that particular law was to cease the “double dipping” of certain life-long government employees. Then the CONgress (in their infinite wisdom and against the overwhelming wishes of the American people) voted to allow retired officers to receiv their FULL “military retirement” and also join Civil Service without ANY degradation in either pay system. As I predicted before this new “double-dipping welfare law” was adopted in the late 1990’s, we would see wide spread abuse of the Civil Service hiring system. Sure enough, go to any military base and monitor the human resources department. HUNDREDS of high ranking military officers take a spin through the revolving employment doors. Worse yet, some of these officers begin “feathering their nests” well before it’s time for them to retire from the military – they set up specific civil service jobs, develop the “statement of duties”, and hand-tailor the job requirements to their exact résumé so that no other candidate can meet the criteria. I have seen this happen HUNDREDS OF TIMES in many of the job sites that I’ve worked at. If Congress would once again (and once and for all) put restrictions on such “double-dipping” individuals, perhaps the government would be more efficient. This would also allow it to become less incestuous, more open to new workers with FRESH degrees, new perspectives, new ways of thinking and they could hire them at more reasonable salary levels.



Idea No. 3813