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End Catastrophic along the Mighty Mississippi!

All along the Mighty Mississippi River we do have some spillways. They do not seem to be getting the job done! As was done in Chicago the river was reversed to send water away. We can digout spillways on both sides (east/west) along the mid to lower Mississippi and (south) along the upper Mississippi. This would help out farmers along its path. Yes we would need to clean this from the chemical agents man put in the groungd along the paths runoffs. We can also put water powered generators after the cleaning(some free electric for those communities). Please stop an think of the money we spend annually on payouts by the federal government after catasrophic flooding happens. The long paperwork proccess. The properies and land lost. The pain caused and deaths.This can be done by states and the federal government working together to save all the above mentioned issues and items. It would put people to work. If you want to hear more please let me know



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