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End AMD Deployments

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The Air Mobility Division (AMD) which is the part of the Air Operations Center plans airlift missions for aircraft in the CENTCOM AOR. They continually deploy over 100 people to perform this task, but 100% of the job is online & over the phone with zero physical contact with the users. Many expenses ensue due to nature of this base (flying troops over and back, food, lodging, body armor, etc), yet there is no need for them to physically be there. The job would be done more efficiently if it was manned full time instead of via TDY rotations (reducing OJT & turnover mistakes that happen during any roation) and could generate a better product if it were done from a dedicated base stateside. The AMC's TACC works this way, controlling global strategic missions from Illinois 24/7 yet the AMD is forward located even though it cannot do any more there than anywhere else (physically speaking). We spend all this money on telepresence, lets use it.

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