Department of the Interior

Encourage the Use of Webcasts for Meetings to Cut Travel Costs

In many cases, meetings take place that involve different agencies or field offices. If we encourage the use of webcasting for meetings we would save tax money by cutting back on printing costs, fuel, and employee time. Meeting materials would be sent via email before the meeting or shown in a presentation during the webcast. This would save dollars on printing materials to hand out in meetings. Also, by meeting through a webcast, employees do not have to travel to the other field office or agency, therefore saving dollars on fuel costs and travel time. Whether it is across town or 2 hours away, it all adds up. This would also keep miles down on our government vehicles.

A good example would be a permit review process involving several agencies (local, state, & federal). Submit the materials in advance, review them, and if a discussion is required, meet via webcast and save ourselves the trip on the road.

Another good example is the use of webcasting for training sessions. Again, this would save us employee time, fuel costs, and meeting materials.

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