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Elimination of Child Support Enforcement Agencies

Eliminate/reduce Federal Funding for Child Support Enforcement Agencies and let the courts handle collections. All states get funding based on how much they collect. But, most collect far more than it cost to opearate. That gives states excess money to spend elsewhere. If courts having jurisdiction over the case handle the collections as well, these agencies wouldn't be needed. Billions of taxpayer dollars are spent each year to fund them. Family Law attorneys not only get paid through private practice, but from billing the state. With nationally automated systems in place, the court should render the order and manage all collections. Just like tickets, if a person doesn't pay as ordered, then the amount is increased and a warrant is issued. Obviously, there's no such thing as a federally-funded "Ticket Enforcement Agency" nor should billions of tax dollars be spent to fund each state's legal system and other expenditures.


Unfortunately, elected officials and Attorney Generals will claim children will suffer by eliminating these agencies or even cut the funding. But, they aren't willing to show 100% accountability for all dollars used either.


If people only knew!



Idea No. 12974