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Eliminating expiration dates on funding, reduce funding types

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A lot of funding appears to be spent less wisely at the end of the fiscal year when the funds are expiring. Recommend changing the funding types (SCN, OM&N, OPN, etc.) to two types of funding. The two types of funding would be government billets funding and programs and projects funding with unlimited expiration dates for both. This will eliminate the need to spend “end of year” funding just because it is expiring. I foresee this change saving the government enormous amount of funds (Bazillions).

Recommend separating funding to cover government employee billets from program and project funding for all government activities. This change will allow the government to have better control over the number of billets each activity has and their total operational cost. This effort will reduce carryover funding for all activities. Duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the billets can be set at the appropriate working levels for the work required. Work proposals will be more accurate when the self coverage cost is removed from the program or project proposals.

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