Executive Office of the President

Eliminating duplicated police/security services

My idea is to bring all executive branch police and security functions at federal properties under the administrative, budgetary and operational control of one federal agency, such as the Federal Protective Service.

Many federal agencies use 0083 series police officers and 0085 series security guards. To name just a few; All branches of the DoD, DIA, FBI, NIST, BIA, USPS, NPS, and the Dept of the Treasury. The department of Veterans Affairs alone employs over 3,000 uniformed police officers. Each of these agencies duplicates administrative, training and oversight functions costing the federal government millions of dollars every year.

In addition to the budgetary savings, moving these roles under the functional control of one agency would have the benefits of standardizing training and regulations, which currently vary wildly from agency to agency. With standardized training and equipment it would create a large pool of highly qualified emergency responders. These responders would be capable of being drawn from their duty stations in ones and twos and moved into areas hit by natural and man-made disasters. This would prevent any one duty station from being adversely affected by a disaster in another part of the country and provide a new emergency response asset to our nation.

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