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Eliminate unnecessary policy/regulations and intranet sites

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Our agency would clearly benefit tremendously if policy components would focus on reviewing existing policy and eliminate unnecessary/outdated policy procedures and instructions. This should be a mandate, reports should be submitted on progress.


Necessary policy could also be consolidated to be clearer and simpler for us to execute in operations. Generally the objective of policy components is to "update" or expand on existing policy, however there is very little emphasis (if any) to begin to review policy for deletion. It is an ever growing beast that is very difficult to go through. Are NL sections necessary for instance? Why are there separate policy instructions at regional offices? Everything should be centralized to ensure efficiency.


An emphasis initiative by the agency to focus on policy reduction would be a way to make operations significantly more efficient. In addition, there should be an initiative to delete all unnecessary and outdated policy procedures, operational instructions, and intranet web information. We are overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes up when we do searches on policy, over 20% of the information is outdated and there is no way to report it or to initiate a deletion process.


Each headquarters component ought to at least have one or two people where their sole focus is on policy reduction. In one study as an example, a component that is responsible for over 2,500 policy instructions, found that over 600 sections could be reviewed for deletion, reduction or could be combined with other policy. The outcome was a result of the realization that the policy is at times overlaping information on other existing policy owned by other components, or because the policy procedures are no longer in use/have expired.


Unecessary and out of date webpages should be flagged for deletion.


Unfortunately, not enough emphasis exists on this, where is the executive efficiency leadership? This ought to be a leadership initiative!

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