EXOP - Office of Management and Budget

Eliminate travel agency service fees

Every time an airline ticket is purchased or changed using the government contracted travel agent, it costs the government a 'service fee' of around $20-25 (in addition to the inability of the travel agent to secure a fare in line with the refundable fares offered on the airline websites and online travel agencies). In a sizable office that requires its employees to travel frequently, this service fee adds tens of thousands of dollars to the travel budgets. Taken government-wide, even a conservative estimate of 100,000 flights per year means a cost to taxpayers of $2,500,000.


I suggest allowing the traveler's administrative assistant to purchase airline tickets for approved travel, either directly from an airline's web site, or if travel support is desired, through a travel agency that does has a lower, or no service fee.



Idea No. 6057