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Eliminate time-accounting system redundancies

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Intelligently reducing the number of time-accounting systems should reduce the amount of time spent on non productive activities.


On average, employees in my work unit spent .25 hour per day /1.25 per week accounting for their time. The result is ~65 hours per work-year spent on administrative functions not attributed to normal job duties. (This does not include the additional time spent completing paper Time and Attendance reports every two weeks.). Much of the ~65 hours would be available to perform actual job-specific activities: a more efficient and effective use of time for the same rate of pay.


At a GS-13 level, the wasted time is valued at more than $2,800 per year for busy work. Add the hundreds of other federal employees at my facility and the impact is impressive. How many facilities across all agencies have redundant time accounting systems?


Employees in my work unit are required to account for their time and attendance in four separate systems every day. None of the systems ‘communicate’ with the other systems. One system is a standard time clock used to track the exact minute when an employee enters for duty in the morning and leaves in the afternoon. The second system is used to track total gross hours worked per day for Time and Attendance reports. A third system tracks employee activities, in quarter hour increments, project-by-project, on a daily basis for statistical/performance evaluation purposes. A fourth is used to demonstrate overall work-unit performance.


While other work units in the facility use different combinations of time-accounting tools, they too, track their time and activities in three to four separate systems.

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