Department of Commerce

Eliminate the Need for Multiple Original Signatures

I work in the procurement field. As a Contracting Officer, I am required to sign three original copies of every contract and modification; one for the file, one for the vendor, and one for finance.


Why does finance need an original signature? It seems an electronic copy would suffice. While working for a different agency, we always used email and fax to send signed copies of contracts and mods out to vendors. We would provide an original only if they requested it, but that wasn't often. We would also accept electronic copies when the vendor sent over a contract or mod requiring their signature. We would always keep the email they sent as backup, but it was never a problem. In today’s electronic environment, it seems we could move past requiring three copies of originals be signed and distributed out. Think about how much time, paper, and postage we could save. I know other agencies do this, and have for some time, why don’t we mandate all agencies do this?



Idea No. 8552