Department of Homeland Security

Eliminate the Compex Program

The Compex program has passengers sent to secondary to ensure that they comply with our rules and regulations. The passengers are sent to secondary based on a time system from primary. At least a thousand passengers are sent to secondary a day, because of this program. The reality is only a very small percentage of passengers sent to secondary under this program are found to be in violation of any laws or rules. The passenger may miss their flight and need to be rebooked for a program that should be eliminated. The officer can spend their time in a more productive manner by spending more time on passengers that are more likely to be transporting contraband or that may need assistance.


This is a part of the Self Inspection program and yearly a lot of data is stored and a lot of people spend a lot of time to simply ensure passengers comply with our regulations. The same amount of time could be spent processing passengers and assisting other sections that would reduce overtime, filing and storing of Compex results, and spend the time conducting operations or just assist other sections.

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