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Eliminate the ACSI survey and replace with a forum

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The ACSI survey is the popup survey that you see when you visit an agency's webpage. But the surveys have way too many questions, it takes too long to do, and agencies are not required to make any changes based on the feedback provided from the survey.


So I suggest that each agency have a feedback page where visitors can post their comments and the agency is required to make these public. So if the agency has a very confusing process online for the public to follow, it would readily become apparent based on the comments that everyone could see.


This would also be useful to determine if the agencies are not posting information that meets Section 508, Plain Language, or is simply not providing good customer service. Agencies are supposed to report all of this information and this suggestion would provide those metrics.


Some people might post content that is indecent or as nothing to do with the agency's website. There are ways to deal with those problems and that can be overcome. The real issue here is that agencies need to be more accountable to the public in showing what complaints their website receive, and in actually dealing with those complaints. Agencies websites need to reflect what their users want from them, not just be whatever agency staff want to put there.


This would save lots of money - by putting up content that users want and not wasting resources on designing web pages, layout, graphics, and applications that users really don't want and didn't ask for.

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