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Eliminate printing of the CAM for Auditors

As an Agency, we probably have near 4,000 employees. I'm not exactly sure, but this is just a hypothesis. Twice a year each auditor is given a copy of the Contract Audit Manual(CAM). Each time it incorporates new updates made since the last one was printed. However, by the time its been delivered to each auditor the guidance is already outdated. Additionally, we have access to newer versions of CAM on our desktop and our intranet. Most people use the digital copies anyway because it is easier to search through and more user friendly. If we were issue one or two per office, in my estimation this could return a lot of money to the government. Based on the order form inside the CAM, they sell for approximately $50 each. This is approximately a cost of $200,000 twice a year. Plus the costs of taking the time to write the new guidance into the book, these costs anually probably exceed half a million dollars and maybe more depending on the numbers of auditors in the agency. I feel that the elimination of the hard copy, or even printing a significantly smaller amount could save the Agency, and the Government as a whole, a good amount of money each year.



Idea No. 7382