Office of Personnel Management

Eliminate personal printers, Save $9 Million Annually

Personal Printers are, quite possibly, the single biggest waste of government resources.


It costs $9.44 annually to power one small desktop printer used at a minimal rates. *


In my office alone I count over 100 personal printers, and this is in addition to the two dozen or so massive laser printers (which, themselves cost around $100 apiece annually)


By eliminating all of the personal printers in just this office alone and forcing all employees to use the main printer, this would save the government approximately $1,000 annually.


This figure DOES NOT take into account the additional savings accrued from toner and paper which could be as much as $270 per employee per year.


Comparing this figure against the employee using the main office printer to print, we’ll round down to 100$ per employee per printing.


$180 per employee, per year is saved just by removing personal printers. Now multiply by all of the employees in the government that have personal printers.


$9,000,000 = Total Savings***


Combined with other small changes such as using ¼ less Flurouescent bulbs and initiating a mandatory FULL computer shutdown at COB, the government can save approximately $150,000,000.00 per year with NO overhead.



*According to:

**Assuming employee uses an average of 2 reams and 1 toner cartridge bimonthly @ $20 per ream and $25 per toner cartridge.

*** 180$ per employee times estimated 50,000 personal printers.



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