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Eliminate paper usage for faxes - electronic software

In the early days of SSA, there were huge ribbon-style printers that received the daily print traffic. This printed hundreds of sheets that were manually torn apart and given to the appropriate person. This required excessive time, resources and manpower. Then someone had the great idea of a computer program (autoscup) that took all of the print jobs and converted them to a text file that could be emailed to any employee. Why not apply this same idea to faxes.


SSA has developed the largest VOIP phone system in the world. There should be the creation of a program that accepts all incoming faxes for an office and converts them to an electronic format such as PDF. These can then be screened and emailed to the appropriate person.


The savings associated with this would be massive. There would be no need for vast amounts of paper. There would be no need for expensive print cartridges. There would be no need to have a physical fax machine in the office. This means there would be no machine to fail, eliminating the cost of a service call for repairs or even the need for an expensive service contract with a vendor. As it would be a computer program located on SSA's secure server, PII would not be compromised. Any problem with the program and its operation could be handled remotely by a single ASC at virtually any location in the world in a matter of minutes.



Idea No. 14622