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Eliminate licensing costs for online training and share con

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Almost every Agency, Bureau and Office is paying for one--if not several--technology platforms to deliver online learning courses. The costs are in the millions of dollars and the satisfaction level is generally pretty low. What's more, each agency is paying to develop similar mandatory training modules (such as Ethics, No Fear Act, Sexual Harassment, Cyber Security).

A conservative estimate shows that moving to an open source solution to deliver online courses and track a learner’s progress could save the Federal government $1.1 Billion over the next 10 years in reclaimed licensing costs. This would enable agencies to develop advanced features for the platform and to share content. Some of the savings could be used to ensure agency-specific requirements are met, and interoperability issues are addressed as the move is made from proprietary systems to a new open source solution. It could also be used to enhance course content. There are ways to make learning more engaging! Perhaps under this plan we wouldn't all groan when it came time to take our required training…and imagine what else could get funded with the $1.1 billion in savings!

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