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Eliminate duplicate reporting. Save $10 Million dollars a year.

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Our organization has been directed by higher authority to report on each contract action that contain "information technology" (IT) at a level that is not required by higher authority. The process is driven by an instruction which is built on previous government-wide guidance, definitions, and reference models, the process is outdated and invalid (as noted for many agencies in the Enterprise Architecture Segment Report Sept 2009 v 1.3). The process duplicates program of record reporting and is only required for very specific criteria found in DOD 5000.2 and other directives guidance.


Costs for this process exceeds $10M for our organization plus substantial overhead costs to manage this process at a higher level. This duplicate and invalid process causes excessive burden on our personnel, agency, customers, sponsors, network, and hinders our ability to get our products to the ‘war-fighter’ in a timely manner. Office of Management and Budget are receiving inaccurate data; reporting is already performed at appropriate stages of acquisition. Suggest we eliminate this duplicate reporting and level issue an instruction that is in accordance with current higher level guidance and directives. I have done extensive reseach on this process and can provide detail information if required. I find the best answer isn't always to follow instruction if it doesn't make sense.

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