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Eliminate duplicate Abdominal Aorta screenings in VA Hospitals a

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There is a new protocol that was passed about 5 yrs.ago to screen every vet at age 65 to make sure there was no AAA(Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm). The provider will see an alert to order the exam at age 65,however,there are many,many duplicate orders for this test being submitted.We need an alert to verify this exam had alreay been completed so as to prevent many duplications,at age 66,67,68,etc.Everytime the vet sees a new provider and oftentimes,even the same provider does not notice that theexam had already been ordered and completed.I f exam was positive and the patient had an AAA,it needs to be followed-up. However,if the exam was neg,like 95% are, the duplications are waste of money and resources. It also saves the vet time,and gas traveling sometimes 1-2 hrs. to repeat what has already been done.They don't always know what the provider has ordered,the provider often orders exams after the vet has left the office.The vet may not know exactly what has been ordered,they will receive a letter saying you have an ultrasound appt.,and may assume it is for some other than what was already done.

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