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Eliminate border, save more than $250K/year

Background: The NASA Langley Research Center and Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) share nearly 3 miles of common border. We each have our own police and fire departments. The JBLE units are mostly a military force with a small compliment of civil service civilians. NASA Langley has a contract work force in place to mitigate both security and fire protection. Having both agencies in such close proximity creates several duplicates of efforts which could (and should) be eliminated, saving the Federal Government a minimum $250K annually.


Example 1: Both agencies guard this nearly 3 mile border all the time. Since the Air Force isn't a threat to NASA and NASA isn't a threat to the Air Force it seems to me that the shared border could be eliminated and that one agency could provide security for both properties.


Example 2: The NASA Langley Fire Department is contracted from the local city as part of their fire department. They do provide a good service, but any time they have a personnel change they have to re-accomplish back ground checks. Further, when the city department has a response off-NASA, the on-NASA units respond, leaving the property unprotected. Responding on NASA Langley facilities with Air Force assets would alleviate these problems as we require background checks for all members and DoD policy prohibits us from leaving the base unprotected.


Solution: Combine the two base support services and eliminate the NASA duplicate effort.

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