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Department of Defense

Eliminate Unnecessary Overseas Subcontracted Costs

Reference DODI 4715.5 and DODI 4715.03: Overseas US Installations


Overseas military installations usually subcontract out to local engineers for repairs to anything and everything on the installation. In doing this the local company / agency will charge an exorbitant amount of money to come and in and take days if weeks to fix nothing. I have had to escort these workers around and have personally seen a great portion of the fraud waste and abuse they utilize whilst charging the US government for their extensive breaks and even less accomplished work. There has to be a re-evaluation of how they are able to charge the DOD and or re-negotiate the ability for our own DOD CE to take care of the issues as they arise. It may take some initial spending to train on their foreign trade requirements but end all would save huge amounts in lost funds with little to show from their trade works.



Idea No. 4799