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Eliminate Service Academies, or ROTC, or BOTH

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There is no need to have both military service academies and ROTC. I am more inclined to say eliminate the service academies and allow the institutional costs of running a university to universities and not the government. Military academies were a good idea in the days when military instruction wasn't performed anywhere else, but times have changed and the need for these service academies is no longer present. We currently offer three means of allowing someone to be commissioned into the military, 1. by attending a service academy, 2. by being in ROTC in college, or 3. by graduating from college, applying to Officer Training School (also called Officer Candidate School), being accepted, and completing the course. If all three meet the need of the military, then why not choose the cheapest means of doing this, instead of using all three? To save the MOST money, we would eliminate the service academies and ROTC, draw our pool of talent for military service as officers from college graduates and enlisted members of the military who have already demonstrated their commitment to military service, and DoD has already invested time, money, and effort into providing them military training. This would GREATLY reduce the amount of money DoD and the government spends, and still provide officers needed in today's military.

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