Social Security Administration

Eliminate SSI Benefits for Children

SSI is a supplemental income to replace lost income due to disability. Children do not have lost income. The Fair Labor Standards Act prohibited child labor. Why are taxpayers supplementing the child's family? Why does a low income family with a disabled child receive benefits that another family, with possibly lower income, does not? The child was not a wage earner. What income is SSI replacing? Eliminate the child benefits for SSI and let the States' Dept. of Health and Human Service offices sign the children up for Medcaid based on State criteria. The Social Security Admin should not be involved with SSI child benefits of any kind. SSI paid 1.2 Million children in 2010 at an average monthly rate of $593. That's $711,600,000 of tax payers' money supplementing families who have not lost any income due to their child's disability. It is not a logical program. I submitted this suggestion to the SAVE program last year and will again. SSA could save additional millions in administration costs. Let the states make Medicaid determinations. Eliminate all SSI benefits for children. It's not mean or heartless. It's logical.



Idea No. 339