Environmental Protection Agency

Eliminate SES and nonsupervisory GS-14/15 positions

The SES corps was created under the Carter Administration to challenge government supervisors "to ensure that the executive management of the government is responsive to the needs, polices, and goals of the nation and otherwise is of the highesst quality." These senior executvies were to be held accountable for individual and organizational performance. This program has expanded into nothing more than a means for career advancement of many federal employees. Very few have been held accountable for their performance. Abolishment of these positions would save the government millions. The establishment of the non supervisory GS-14/15 positions were established to provide career tracks for highly qualified technical employees who wished to work as advisors rather than supervisors or managers. These positions have proven to cause more morale problems among senior employees than any other single act in the government personnel system. In some agencies they account for nearly 30% of the non managerial staff. These advisors have no authority and provide very little benefit to the taxpayers. Abolishment of these positions would save the taxpayers millions.



Idea No. 3277