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Eliminate Reserve Intelligence Units

Some reservists draw $1,500 for a single weekend - the equivelant of a mortgage payment for many Americans. Many of these senior people are in only administrative roles often duplicating others in nearby units. Particularly in the Office of Naval Intelligence reserve units. Most intelligence reserve units are not assigned in direct support of any actual missions; realign them to associate units so they draw resources and pay from active units they can support directly so units are left 'mission shopping' to justify their existence while wasting taxpayer dollars. Most intelligence programs are too sensitive for reservists to partcipate in if good security practices are followed (minimal personnel read-in). The USNR is very officer heavy in the Naval District Washington. a 60% reduction in force there and in each navy reserve intelligence region should appropriately thin that force. Reassign eligible personnel to Army units or retire them.



Idea No. 4291