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Department of Agriculture

Eliminate Redundant Time and Attendance Tracking Systems

Current agency personnel are required to track their time and attendance on two separate tracking systems: WebTA and and internal Excel spreadsheet that mimics WebTA. Both tracking systems provide the same accountability for time and attendance however, the WebTA system is the official tracking system used by agency.


On average it takes each employee approximately 30 minutes to complete both tracking forms. This does not include time spent by the supervisor and time keepers comparing both WebTA and the spreadsheet for accuracy. With the elimination of the separate spreadsheet, 13 hours can be saved per employee each year in wasted effort compiling both forms, saving on average $380/year or $39,900,000.00 annually with 105,000 employees.


Recommendation would be for the elimination of the additional tracking spreadsheet as WebTA is the official time and attendance system for obvious cost savings illustrated above. By utilizing two systems, errors can develop by entering information between both systems.



Idea No. 6563