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Eliminate Redundant Statistical Data Collection on the ACS

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I see other ideas out there to consolidate the U.S. statistical systems and I agree those are worthy ideas. My idea flows into that concept but is something we can do as a first step.


Specifcally we could begin by targeting data items collected on the American Community Survey. This program costs the taxpayers $428 million and annoys over 3 million respondents a year. By systematically eliminating the collection of items such as propery taxes (maintained in state government databases) and income (collected by IRS) we could both save taxpayer money and regain the public's respect. Granted there is work involved collecting and consolidating databases and datasets but why not go for a complete or near complete dataset over a very expensive program that produces "estimates" with margins of error that can equal the estimate?

Isn't it time to go for the new more logical alternative versus how we have been doing things since Thomas Jefferson was president?

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