Department of Defense

Eliminate Qatar and UAE as Combat Zones

The term "combat zone" desparately needs to be modified and updated. People currently receive "combat zone" benefits (tax free pay, hazardous duty pay, etc) for working in DUBAI which is a luxurious vacation spot. Also, Qatar has proven to be relatively safe now that the Navy is allowing dependents to accompany members to certain bases. This easy change could save millions. Yes, pilots/aircrew and others that are stationed at these locations and fly in and out of Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan should receive Combat Zone benefits but those that sit at the headquarters and make power point slides should not. This would be a very easy way to save lots of money!!



Currently members deployed to “combat Zone” regions already get the following:


TAX-FREE base pay


$225.00 a month Hazardous Fire/imminent danger pay


$50.00 a month Hazardous Duty Pay location


Perdiem which is based off of the location


$250.00 a month Family Separation pay for those with dependants



Idea No. 6090