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Eliminate Operational Readiness Inspections (ORI)

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The ORI process is an incredible waste of time and resources. Military units have been tasked for real wars for the last 10 years and regular training deployments for much longer. No matter what, they still have to undergo an Inspector General (IG) inspection every 3 years to prove they can deploy in a real world situation. The issue is that no unit ever deploys for an actual contingency operation the way they are graded during an ORI.

Money is continually wasted on ORI preparation: Paperwork is printed and put in an Individual Readiness File (IRF), yet all the information is available electronically. Outside units are brought in to evaluate exercises. Units purchase thousands of dollars of new cargo straps, nets, and pallets because the IG expects everything to look new (and they deduct points if they are not). And don’t get me started with reflective belts…

In the case of Reserve/Guard units, months of unit training assemblies (UTAs) are wasted, in the form of Operational Readiness Exercises (OREs), preparing for an ORI. This takes away from the minimal time traditional Reservists and Guardsmen are given to maintain their proficiency at the same level as Active Duty service members.

Why can’t the IG come and inspect during a training deployment or another contingency mobilization? Equipment and people still have to follow the same IG evaluated processes for those actions – eliminating the ORI process and incorporating inspections into real deployments could potentially save thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars.

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