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Eliminate Obsolete Travel Contractor

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Carlson Wagonlit/Sato Travel is a government contractor to forty-eight (48) federal agencies and every branch of the military. Last year, they did $2.3 billion in travel sales to federal agencies.

Transactions for travel, especially airfare, with Carlson Wagonlit, can cost two to three times what the individual can book online. Worse, the company's website is tedious and frustrating to use. And, if there is an error, whether yours or theirs, contacting their helpdesk costs $14 for each contact.

This service has been made obsolete by commercial vendors, (Expedia, Travelocity), and airline & hotel websites. The federal employee can now book a trip faster, cheaper, and with more personal control. I would hazard a guess that the U.S. would save 1/3 of current costs in the first year without this contractor. One-third of $2.3 billion is $767 million, and that ain't chicken-feed, Joe!


Robert McMonagle

US-DOL Philadelphia

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