Social Security Administration

Eliminate Medical Reconsiderations

The Disability Determination Services (DDS) perform initial and reconsideration medical reconsiderations. Statistically, most claimants do not experience significant changes while awaiting their initial decisions and the the DDS decisions are affirmed at the reconsideration. Skipping the reconsideration and allowing a claimant to appear before an Administrative Law Judge could reduce waiting times, processing times, administrative delays, dire need situations, and Congressional traffic. As reconsiderations add 4-6 months to the waiting time, and usually result in the same decisions, the savings would be instantaneous and result in correct decisions in a more timely fashion. *This also includes the elimination of "Prototype States" such as New Hampshire which if a denial occurs, a reconsideration is automatically filed on the claimants' behalf. Their initial decision would become final and the claimant could then request a hearing.

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