Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Eliminate Hard Copies of NUREGs

NUREGs are documents that are already available in the Agency Document Management System (ADAMS) but are printed and distributed to Directors and Deputy Directors in all three Regions. These documents number in the hundreds of pages and each division receives 3 or 4 copies. When multiplying the number of copies times the number of divisions times the number of Regions, the duplicity of these documents is substantial. In addition, when a supplement or revision to the NUREG is generated, more copies of the original with the supplement are printed and distributed. What happens to these copies is that they go into the recycle bin for disposal costing more money. I would suggest when a new NUREG is ready for distribution; an email notification is sent to all interested parties that the document is now available in ADAMS thus eliminating the need for this mass distribution of paper.



Idea No. 566