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Eliminate Government Travel Cards

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The IRS requires approximately 65,000 employees who travel at least once per year to acquire and use a Citibank government credit card for official travel. Travel is funded through a centralized billing account (CBA) for employees with low credit scores or history of misuse.


I suggest doing away with this Citibank contract and allowing employees to use any credit card they want for travel. Many employees would prefer this because they could accumulate points for thavel and use them as they wish. Employees who prefer not to attain a credit card for this purpose could opt to fund their travel through the CBA.


This would save the IRS money by delegating the responsibility for collecting delinquent payments to Citibank, rather than chasing the money down in house. There would be no need for the penalty guide language either since the card would be privately held by the traveler. I project this would save the IRS approximately 30 FTE dollars per year (Avarage servicewide salary $89,000 X 30 FTE = 2.7 M per annum).

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