Department of the Interior

Eliminate Duplicative Computer Programs Between Agencies

Recreating the wheel has proven to be a means for our culture to create new and better forms of old outdated technology. However, having each Department seek out a seperate entity to develop systems that will accomplish the same end result is a huge waste of government funds.


One such example is the program that each department has for tracking trainings. This could and should be a uniform program throughtout the entire government. There are obviously variations in required trainings that will need to be completed but that is a matter of adding courses under those groups that need them.


Uniform programs allow for stream-lined training in utilizing the system, consolidated costs (One expense to meet all needs) and a joint effort to design an exceptional program that meets the needs of all individuals.


This would not only hold true for training programs, but could carry over into many varied systems that are used and duplicated throughout the government today.

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