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Eliminate Duplication of Effort Creating Mandatory Training

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In our Department we use a single learning system for training. That is the good news! It's very cost effective. Now for the bad news! Some offices responsible for ensuring particular topics that are mandatory to be trained on continue to create their own training when there are adequate training modules already purchased for use through out the Department. In some cases this can cause a 400% increase in training creation! Four courses used by different parts of the Department are created when one already exists or has been purchased to meet that need. I can only imagine the cost savings throughout Government if we all used standardized courses for standardized mandatory training requirements. In those cases where organization specific information is required, a simple short addendum or handout could be created to supplement the already paid for training! This can be easily done! We don't have to build/acquire anything new, just STOP doing what we're doing and take a small percentage of time we're using now to develop new courses to review an existing course and create our organization specific handout. What could be easier?

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