Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Eliminate Contractor Administrative Assistants

I believe the government could save quite a bit of money if they stop using Contractor Administrative Assistants/Secretaries. I've spent many years working in the private sector where administrative assistants/secretaries each work for several people. It seems that many Administrative Assistants/Secretaries working in Federal Agencies are not working to their full capacity. There are many who, in my opinion, do not "earn" their paychecks. They expect to get paid for the simple reason that they come to work each day. I believe each Administrative Assistant/Secretary can and should be expected to accomplish more each day; therefore, Contract Administrative Assistants/Secretaries would not be needed. This would save the Federal Government quite a bit of money since the companies who provide these Contractors get paid quite well. Additionally, if Federal Administrative Assistants/Secretaries do not want to "earn" their paychecks, their services should be terminated. There are many qualified people who would love to get a job with the Federal Government. We should hire qualified people who want to work.



Idea No. 9211